Monday, September 24, 2012

The Great Green Turkey Creek Monster, written and illustrated by James Flora (1976)

This is another abandoned abandoned Detroit public school library rescued treasure my children love (along with the three other first edition James Flora books I found in the same snow-filled library). It's also kind of terrifying.

And with that first page, the monster grows and grows and has all kinds of hi-jinks. Fortunately he loves children and adults are the butt of his mischief. My kids love looking at all of the details in Flora's illustrations. None of the adults, it seems can stop this monster:

That kind of creeps me out. Once the Hooligan Vine has completely taken over the town, the townspeople are nearly ready to give up until one boy figures out how to stop it:

But the Hooligan Vine will not be stopped so easily---he crushes the trombone!

So they call in reinforcements:

At last the citizens of the town are free from the Hooligan vine. 

The book is readily available from the usual sources, in paperback as well as hardcover.