Friday, April 13, 2012

Sir Kevin of Devon by Adelaide Hall (ill. Leonard Weisgard) (1963)

This book was not written by the famous jazz chanteuse Adelaide Hall, because that would have made it impossibly awesome. Instead it was written in alternating rhyme by Adelaide Holl, author of such books as One Kitten for Kim, The Rain Puddle, and (our favorite) Little Pewee The Circus Dog. It's one of the books I picked up in an abandoned school library and sadly it's not very widely available (copies run $30-$0 on Amazon, which drives my wife nuts because she likes to give it as a gift). I really love the medieval-themed mid-century artwork of Leonard Weisgard, another of our favorite children's book illustrators. This book is about an eleven year boy who is so brave he becomes a real knight. Not surprisingly, my son loves it.