Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Selection from our Collection of Terrifying Nixon-Era Children's Books: Danny Goes to the Hospital (James Lincoln Collier and Yale Joel, 1970)

Poor Danny. Like Jennifer Jean, the Cross-Eyed Queen Danny's eyes need to be straightened, but he's got a such a severe strabismus he ends up looking at the ceiling when he's trying to guide a piece of toast into his mouth:

Then again, maybe those are just the demon's eyes:

See kids, the hospital ain't so bad. If you're lucky they'll strap you down and run this gigantic machine over your chest while wearing aprons to protect them from whatever they're shooting through you!

The doctors at this hospital love it when you sit on their laps.

Anyone want to be play good nurse/bad nurse?

These are the ladies who make your gelatin dessert:

This is the guy who fixes the toys in the children's ward:

These are the gentlemen who will fill your lungs with gas until you pass out [take note, kids, this gas is not nearly as awesome as the stuff in Michael and the Dentist]:

Let's see how you eat your toast now, Danny.


Well Danny, now you're an even better hitter than Sally Hobart Alexander.


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